Working in Partnership With Our Clients


We know what the media wants and needs from a story. We develop  effective media campaigns for our clients which focus on consistent, quality editorial.


Digital media; not a dark art but an extension of the media targets and, therefore, key to your media strategy. Listen, learn who the influencers are and engage.

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Patient groups play a vital role in healthcare communications and can provide invaluable insights into how a patient views their condition and the associated treatment. We have extensive experience of working with they key influencers and have even set up a couple of patient organisations ourselves!

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Content; be it words, or pictures is how businesses tell their story. We can help you craft the messages and then develop interesting ways to ensure those messages are heard.

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Planning, preparation and knowing what to do when an issue occurs is is key to protecting your reputation. We can work with you to put the processes in place which ensure any issues are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

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One of our USPs is our extensive network which we use to our client's benefit. By knowing the right people we can ensure you are part of the right conversations.

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By using our experience and insights we can help you develop an effective communications strategy focused on achieving results. Linked to your business goals we ensure that all of our programmes are relevant to your business and what you want to achieve. Operating an 'always on' attitude we work as part of your team; always looking for opportunities and ready to provide support and advice

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