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What have you got to say? Who wants to listen?Effective comms stragegies must be linked to your your business journey. Otherwise what's the point?


We have written content for, pretty much, every single medium there is! We are experts at this and also work with a team of professional writers skilled in different styles. 


Our clients work with the senior VPR team who have bags of experience and the passion to make this relevant for each and every client. 


Its not what you a comms agency run by senior executives we have a network that bridges continents and spans many different disciplines. 


We know what makes a story...and what doesn't. We know how to engage with the media and package stories that motivate coverage.


Issue and reputation management is crucial. Planning is everything and we have experience in preparing for, and handling, all manner of issues. 


At VPR we don't steep digital media in mystery. It's a media outlet. The validity of the content is no different. Just the way you deliver it.


Our sister company, Auxilium, can provide investment support. 


By using our experience and insights we can help you develop an effective communications strategy focused on achieving results. Linked to your business goals we ensure that all of our programmes are relevant to your business and what you want to achieve. Operating an 'always on' attitude we work as part of your team; always looking for opportunities and ready to provide support and advice

Comms consultancy
Media relations
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